Epic is the United States' leading software in electronic health records. Hospitals that use Epic comprise of about 80% of the country's patients medical records.

my role

Role: User Experience Designer
Product: MyChart
Tenure: January 2023 to Present
Application Areas: Telehealth, Messaging, Questionnaires, AI

My Work at Epic


Due to privacy reasons, I can't get into my actual design work at Epic here. Please reach out to hear more about my work! I would love to talk about it.


As a designer on complicated healthcare software, the most important lesson I have learned as a designer in healthcare is establishing trust. Given the critical importance of healthcare, it was necessary to establish trust early, not only in my designs, but with the stakeholders and organizations I worked with.

Check out some of the work that I have been a part of below!

Telehealth — Epic Video Client
Epic-based telehealth platform keeps patients coming back to WellSpan Health
Epic Spectacles — Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro unlocks new opportunities for health app developers