Epic is the United States' leading software in electronic health records. Hospitals that use Epic comprise of about 80% of the country's patients medical records.
Role: Lead User Experience Designer
Product: MyChart
Tenure: 1 year
App Areas: Telehealth, Patient Questionnaires, Artificial Intelligence

Due to privacy reasons, I can't get into my actual design work at Epic here.

Please reach out to hear more about my work! I would love to talk about it. In the meantime, let me tell you about my experience working at Epic.


As a new graduate working on complicated healthcare software, the most important lesson I have learned as a designer in healthcare is establishing trust with patients.

I am a user experience designer on MyChart, Epic's patient portal app. I lead design in three areas: Telehealth, Patient Questionnaires, and Patient-Facing Artificial Intelligence, primarily focused on updating outdated workflows and establishing UX consistency between activities. Trust plays a major role in all three areas in different ways.


Patients trust that virtual forms of care are just as good, if not better than, in-person care

As the lead UX designer for telehealth, I...

  • updated Epic's video client user interface to match MyChart branding, giving patients a more seamless experience between scheduling and entering a video visit.
  • re-designed telehealth scheduling workflows to help patients see their providers quicker and weigh the value of different care options.
  • created a design system for Epic's video client to help aid product teams in maintaining consistency across projects.

Patient Questionnaires

Patients trust that their personal information go to the right people and are being used for the right reasons

As the lead UX designer for questionnaires, I...

  • restructured the MyChart Questionnaires' patient experience, giving patients more control, ease, and transparency when answering questions about their health.
  • partnered with third-party vendors to integrate patient satisfaction surveys into existing questionnaire frameworks.

Artificial Intelligence

Patients trust that AI technology will be a beneficial tool to understanding their medical chart, not a detriment

As the lead UX designer for artificial intelligence, I...

  • established a design system across MyChart for patients who view AI-generated content.
  • designing patient experience patterns that comply with ethical AI standards in healthcare.